Advent Activities

Advent Season 2018

This Christmas, let's embody God's amazing love! "Embody." It's a word that means to represent something in a tangible or concrete way. To "embody" is to take what can't be seen and make it visible to everyone. 

At Christmas, we celebrate the great mystery that in Christ Jesus, God is "embodied." The theological term for this is "incarnation" - God taking on a human form. Jesus embodies God's healing, God's provision, God's presence, God's love. But there's more to it than this. As believers and as the Church, we are to "embody" God's presence in the world too. This is extremely needed today because our world is skeptical of God's existence and concern. However, as Christ lives in us, we can let God live and be present in the world through us.  

This Advent, we invite and challenge you to "embody" God's amazing love.

Advent Readings

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1st Sunday God Provides
2nd Sunday God Heals
3rd Sunday God is Present
4th Sunday God is Light

Advent Activities


December 2  - Music Presentation One Worship Service. 10:30am   Sunday School 9:30am

December 9  - Worship Services 8:30am / 10:45am  Sunday School 9:30am
Special Guest: Fred Curry with Rice and Beans Ministries / Costa Rica Missions

December 16  -  Worship Services  8:30am / 10:45am  Sunday School  9:30am

December 23  -  Worship Services 8:30am / 10:45am  Sunday School  9:30am

December 24  -  Worship Services  Noon, 4:00pm, 6:00pm

December 30  -  One Worship Service  10:45am