Confirmation Experience 2

LOVE - 7th Grade Letters:

Research indicates that kids benefit greatly from healthy relationships with adults. During year two we ask parents to look closely at the adults playing a significant role in positively shaping their child, identifying at least 20 people who can write a personal letter affirming their child's self-worth. Parents are encouraged to space these letters out over the course of the year.

Who plays a significant role in your child's life already?

  • A family member.
  • A coach.
  • A teacher.
  • A neighbor/family friend.
  • A girl/boy scout leader.
  • A small group leader.

Any one of these adults could be a potential mentor for your child. Maybe they already play a mentoring role in your child's life. These are the people we want you to contact. Ask them to write an old fashioned letter (sent via postal carrier) to your child. We encourage parents to stagger letters. The calendar below gives an example of what this might look like. Keep in mind your own child's calendar. Ask yourself "When would my child benefit from having a couple extra letters of encouragement?" Maybe the fall is really busy and difficult. Or maybe it's the spring. You know your child best. Create your child's letter schedule in a way that will make the biggest impact.

EXAMPLE SCENARIO:  Katherine is starting 7th grade at a new school in August. She is feeling a bit anxious about the change, so getting a few extra words of encouragement over the summer and at the start of school would help to ease some of that anxiety. She is pretty busy during the holidays, spending time with family; so we will go with just one letter during the months of November, December, and January. She may need another boost in the spring as school resumes.

Month - # of letters received:
June - 2         Dec - 1
July - 2          Jan - 1
Aug - 2          Feb - 2
Sept - 2         Mar - 2
Oct - 2           Apr - 2
Nov - 1          May - 1


Our hope is that your child would end up in a "five to one" ratio by the end of his/her senior year of high school. We want every student in our ministry to have at least five adults who take a personal interest in positively shaping their life.  By seeking out letter writers you are taking steps to identify some potential mentors for your child. These letter writers may very well be a web of support for your child far beyond their 7th grade year, playing a critical role in your child's long-term development.