Confirmation Experience 4

KNOW - 9th Grade Learning Community

During this final leg of the journey we hope to combine past experiences with increased knowledge - moving our students from spiritual milk to solid food. This part of the process will take place during the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30am) between August-May of a child's 9th grade year, and will cover a variety of discipleship topics -  taught by our church staff, members, and clergy:
The Creator and His Creation
Jesus, Sin and Redemption
The Holy Spirit and a Fruitful Life
Spiritual Gifts
The Role of the Church  

Students will be encouraged to think deeply about each topic and to arrive at their own conclusions - making their faith their own. At various points during the year, students will be invited to step outside the Youth Center walls to visit an adult Sunday School class or a small group composed of 10-12th grade students. The goal of these experiences is to give your child a feel for what it looks like to be part of the larger church body and to prepare them for the realities that exist beyond high school.

The learning community will begin on August 19th in the Youth Center at 9:30am and will continue throughout the school year, with exception to holiday weekends.  To obtain a schedule of when each topic will be taught or to ask any questions about Confirmation, please contact Katherine Jordan at

Keep in mind, we are not having a Confirmation Sunday service at the end of this journey, and your child is not required to complete Confirmation before he/she joins the church.  When your child is ready to join the church, he/she will need to go through Discover Christ with the pastors.  Discover Christ is offered quarterly on Sunday afternoons.  To learn more about Discover Christ and when your child could make a public profession, contact Catherine Hames at