Our Staff

Christ United Leadership Team

The Christ United staff is committed to helping you discover and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to share in your journey towards becoming a disciple who knows, loves, and serves Jesus Christ. Something incredible happens when you experience a relationship with Jesus and we desire to come along side of you to offer support and encouragement during this journey. 

The leadership team is focused on making sure we meet your specific needs. We are committed to living out this vision of our church to restore lives, families and community. Our hope is that this leadership team encourages you to grow and develop into a disciple of Jesus Christ like never before.

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Bob Rambo - Lead Pastor
David McIntosh - Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Rod Borders - Congregational Care Pastor
Rev. Sheila Cumbest- Worship & Missions Pastor
Rev. Frank Haynes - Discipleship Pastor

Music & Worship Staff

Michael Kemp, Music & Worship Director 
Adam Walker, Music & Worship Director
Cathy Shofner, Ministry Assistant
Kati McLellan, Music Assistant
Zack Mobley, Technical Director
Curtis Nunnery, Associate Technical Director

Children's Ministry Staff

Mandy Anderson, Weekday Preschool Director
Rachel Wise, Children's Ministry Director
Marci Barranco, Ministry Assistant
Kimberly Thigpen, Elementary Sunday School Director
Brenda Alford, Nursery Assistant Director
Amy Schelver​, Nursery Director
Leanna Shay, Preschool Sunday School Director

Youth Ministry Staff

J Nelson, Youth Ministry Director
Katherine Jordan, Youth Ministry Associate
Lauren Sledge, Youth Ministry Associate

Adult Ministry Staff

Bill Blair, Adult Discipleship
Rev. Rob Borders, Senior Adult Pastor

Young Adult Ministry Staff

Rocky Shack, Young Adult & Community Outreach Minister

Family & Marriage Ministry Staff

Steve Potter, Marriage & Family Minister

Administrative Staff
T.R. Cook, Jr., CCA / Executive Director of Resources
Rhonda Berry, Ministry Assistant
Mike Conerly, Facilities Manager
Gale Drummond, Receptionist
Jennifer Ellis, Graphic Design Specialist
Catherine Hames, Ministry Assistant / Lead Pastor
Clarence Hasberry, Facilities Services Supervisor
Bob Litty, Information Technology Director
Beverly Luehlfing, Office Manager / Ministry Assistant
Nancy Markovitz, Ministry Assistant 

Michelle Shaleen, Assistant Executive Director / Human Resources
Janice Stevens, Finance Director
Debb Tubb, Communications Director