Youth Ministry

Christ United Youth Ministry is about relational discipleship! We have an amazing time together with all of our Middle School students, High School students, small group leaders and parents. The ministry team has many years of experience and they love what they do! Students play games, laugh, sing, and dig into God's Word while gathering in small groups. It is the sincere hope of the Youth Ministry Team that students will find their place to GROW and GO.

Sunday School Schedule

No Sunday School this Sunday, April 16 due to Easter. 


Middle School (Grades: 6th-8th)
5:30-6:00pm: Cafe and Gym are open
6:00-7:00pm: Middle School D-Group

High School (Grades: 9th-12th)
7:00-7:30pm: Cafe and Gym are open
7:30-8:30pm: High School D-Group

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Confirmation Process
At Christ United, Confirmation is a journey through four experiences that begin in a student’s 6th grade year and conclude his/her 9th grade year. The goal of these experiences is to provide your student with opportunities to encounter Christ and grow in his/her faith. The culmination of this journey is not a single worship service (formerly Confirmation Sunday), but rather a sending forth of students who are living into the vision and mission of the church. To be clear, Confirmation and church membership are two separate things.  Your child can join the church at any point during the Confirmation journey.  When your child is ready to join the church, he/she will need to go through Discover Christ with the pastors. This is the path for membership for everyone wanting to join the church.  At the conclusion of Discover Christ your child will have the option of making a public profession in a future worship service.  We hope they will and we hope you will be a part of it.  This is a great way to celebrate what Jesus has done in the life of your child and is doing in the life of our congregation.  Discover Christ is offered quarterly on Sunday afternoons throughout the year.  To learn more about Discover Christ and when your child could make a public profession, contact Nancy Markovitz at 

Regardless of when your child decides to join the church, we encourage your family to participate in all four experiences. As parents, you play a critical role throughout this process by encouraging participation and by participating yourself. If you have any questions about Confirmation please contact Katherine Jordan ( You can find detailed information about each experience listed below.

Experience 1  Community 6th Grade D-Group
Experience 2  Love 7th Grade Letters
Experience 3  Serve 8th Grade Service Opportunities
Experience 4  Know 9th Grade Learning Community


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Youth Ministry Staff:

J Nelson, Director of Youth Ministry/Middle School Minister 
Bill Blair, High School Minister
Katherine Jordan, Youth Ministry
Cadden Christie, Youth Ministry
Rhonda Berry, Youth Ministry Assistant

Youth Ministry Contact Information:

J Nelson               601.914.7136      Email:
Bill Blair               601.914.7141       Email:
Katherine Jordan  601.914.7143      Email:
Cadden Christie    601.914.7136      Email:
Rhonda Berry       601.914.7142       Email: