Youth Ministry

Christ United Youth Ministry is about relational discipleship! Whether it's a Wednesday night, Sunday morning, a weekend retreat, or a weekday lunch, we have an amazing time together with our students, small group leaders, and parents. 

Upcoming Events:

Registration for Passion Camp is closed.
If you are registered and need information about the trip, click here.  




You do not want to miss next Wednesday night!  It’s not only our last Wednesday night together for the semester, but a great opportunity to see your friends at D-Group one last time!  Whether you’re in middle school or high school, we have something just for you.  If you’re in middle school, I hope you will join us for Color War and if you are in high school, I’ve got 150 pounds of crawfish with your name on it.  Both events are free and will take place at Christ United.  

Whether you’ve been able to be at CUMC every Wednesday or have not been able to make it this year, I hope you will set aside some time to come hang out Wednesday, April 25 as we put the finishing touches on the end of a great year together.    


No matter how old your kids are, you are going to talk to them at some point. Come hear some ways families are working through the hard conversations. We’ll provide the pancakes, families are encouraged to bring their favorite topping or a side item to share.
For more information, contact: Katherine Jordan


Want to be in the loop about events happening throughout the year?

Email with your email, cell phone number, and cell phone provider.  Once we have that information, we will get you connected to our weekly email as well as our text message system. 

Sunday School:

Time:  9:30-10:30am
6th Grade- YC 2 (Youth Center) led by J Nelson
7th Grade- YC 3 (Youth Center) led by Brent and Rebecca Wilson
8th Grade- YC 1 (Youth Center) led by Jason and Courtney Bush 
9th Grade Learning Community- Activity Studio (Youth Center) led by Katherine Jordan, Dale and Lynne Currie, Stan Roberts, Courtney Streeter, and the clergy.  

At various points during the year, 9th grade students will be invited to step outside the Youth Center walls to visit an Adult Sunday School class or a peer-led small group composed of 10-12th grade students.  The goal of these experiences is to give your child a feel for what it looks like to be part of the larger church body and to prepare them for the realitities that exist beyond high school. (See Confirmation for more detailed information about 9th grade year.)

10th-12th Grade students have the option of: 
      - being connected with an adult Sunday School class
      - participating in a peer-led small group (YC 16)
      - serving as a student leader for a middle school class
      - serving in the Children's Ministry (nursery, preschool, or elementary classes)
A designated person will be in the Youth Center each Sunday to connect students to the various classes and small groups offered. Any student wanting to serve on Sunday morning will be required to give advance notice to the appropriate staff person.  Please contact Rachel Wise ( for opportunities in Children's Ministry.  Contact Katherine Jordan ( for middle school opportunities, and with any questions about Youth Sunday School.   

D-Group is our large group weekly gathering for Middle School and High School students.  This time combines biblical teaching, small group conversation, and consistent adult leadership all with the goal of connecting to Jesus and building Gospel community.
5:30-6:00pm: Cafe open
6:00-7:00pm: Middle School gathering
7:00-8:00pm: High School gathering

Students join a small group by completing a Small Group Covenant online. 

Click Here > Small Group Covenant

Click Here > 2017-2018 CUMC Student Activity Covenant/Medical Release Form

Discipleship Resources:

Discipleship is our way of partnering with you to help you stay connected to Jesus and commit to his way. Our Grow Guide publication is a resource that can help you discover avenues of growth through Bible study, Wednesday night opportunities, small groups, and Sunday school. Simply click on the Grow publication cover, review all the possibilities and let us help you get connected.   Spring Semester: January 10 - April 25

[View Grow Guide ]

Contact J Nelson if you would like to be connected with any of the Youth Ministry opportunities.

Christ United is always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith throughout the week. We are inviting you to have a free account to an exciting new video library called RightNow Media. It's essentially the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" because you will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples and more. Read More [. . .]


Confirmation Process:

At Christ United, Confirmation is a journey through four experiences that begin in a student’s 6th grade year and conclude his/her 9th grade year. The goal of these experiences is to provide your student with opportunities to encounter Christ and grow in his/her faith. The culmination of this journey is not a single worship service (formerly Confirmation Sunday), but rather a sending forth of students who are living into the vision and mission of the church. To be clear, Confirmation and church membership are two separate things.  Your child can join the church at any point during the Confirmation journey.  When your child is ready to join the church, he/she will need to go through Discover Christ with the pastors. This is the path for membership for everyone wanting to join the church.  At the conclusion of Discover Christ your child will have the option of making a public profession in a future worship service.  We hope they will and we hope you will be a part of it.  This is a great way to celebrate what Jesus has done in the life of your child and is doing in the life of our congregation.  Discover Christ is offered quarterly on Sunday afternoons throughout the year.  To learn more about Discover Christ and when your child could make a public profession, contact Nancy Markovitz at

Regardless of when your child decides to join the church, we encourage your family to participate in all four experiences. As parents, you play a critical role throughout this process by encouraging participation and by participating yourself. If you have any questions about Confirmation please contact Katherine Jordan ( You can find detailed information about each experience listed below.

Experience 1  Community 6th Grade Small Group
Experience 2  Love 7th Grade Letters
Experience 3  Serve 8th Grade Service Opportunities
Experience 4  Know 9th Grade Learning Community


Youth Ministry Staff:

J Nelson, Director of Youth Ministry
Katherine Jordan, Youth Ministry Associate
Rhonda Berry, Youth Ministry Assistant

Youth Ministry Contact Information:

J Nelson               601.914.7136      Email:
Katherine Jordan  601.914.7143      Email:
Rhonda Berry       601.914.7142       Email: